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Pregnancy massage

Stockholm, Södermalm

Price: depends on the type of treatment you book

Taking care of yourself when carrying your baby

Pregnancy and maternity massage

Pregnancy massage is a safe and wonderfully relaxing treatment recommended by doctors and midwives when you are expecting a baby.

There are different massage arrangements to suit those who want to treat themselves to a nice moment of peace and quiet as well as those who are looking for a preventive or therapeutic massage. Common complaints resulting from increased weight and changes in posture include headaches, pain/fatigue in the neck, back and seat, and pregnancy sciatica.

Once you have given birth to your baby, the time comes to feed and carry the baby. This is wonderful, but it is also a time of new physical challenges. Even then, it can be nice to have some alone time and a massage for relaxation or treatment purposes.

In a cozy room in Söder, you will meet our experienced pregnancy masseur Kattis, who also works as a nurse with new families and new mothers. Thus, she has good knowledge of the pregnant body and asks the health-related questions needed to ensure whether or not massage is suitable for you at the moment.

During the treatment you can relax and let go of everything. Kattis is fully focused on you, your issues, your needs and your well-being.

During a pregnancy massage, you lie on a special pillow for pregnant women or with other support pillow arms so you can relax properly and feel safe. The treatment uses oil and alternates long strokes to promote blood circulation with lighter or deeper massages to release tension and relieve pain.

Bring your partner - so they learn how to massage!

Expecting a baby is often a special time, characterized by both longing and challenges. Your body is changing and it is easy to get tired and accumulate tension.

As a partner, you can feel more involved and empowered when you have tools to support and facilitate your loved one. It deepens your relationship, which is great for both of you during pregnancy and once the baby is born. Massage is therefore a great gift to give to your partner, both during pregnancy and during and after the birth. Gentle touch triggers the body's "feel-good" hormone oxytocin.

When you meet Kattis, you go through and practice a number of simple hand movements that allow you as a partner to massage in a good and safe way. The massage takes place in the side position with support cushions and can easily be performed at home.

All booked appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours before the start of the treatment. If you cancel later, or if you do not attend the treatment, the full price will be charged.

Pregnancy masseur: Kattis v Wachenfeldt. Kattis is a member of and has insurance for her business through the Swedish Association of Body Therapists. In this way, you can feel confident that you are meeting a therapist with solid training who follows current ethical and industry rules and standards.

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