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Empowering Birth Class

Stockholm, Östermalm


Price: 1245 kr / delegate (1 delegate equals 1 person)

The class is designed by senior midwives, based on current scientific research about labour and birth and in-depth knowledge. We also warmly recommend our Webinar Empowering Birth Class.

During this popular class, you will gain invaluable practical tools and knowledge that directly apply to the journey of labor and birth. These tools are specifically designed to facilitate the birthing process and increase the likelihood of a positive birth experience. Through guided practice, you will explore various breathing and relaxation techniques, allowing you to discover your most soothing and calming breath. Additionally, we will navigate through the different stages of labor and birth help the partner become the best possible support for the woman during the process of bringing a baby into this world.

With the guidance of an experienced midwife, you and your partner will receive an exceptional level of preparation for the upcoming birth of your child.

We sincerely advise that you attend the course with the person that will be your birth partner. We recommend that you take this class from pregnancy week 25.

If you attend the class that runs during one full day there will be a one hour lunch break around 1-2 pm.

The class is 6 hours in total.

There is always room for questions.

This course is entitled for “Friskvårdsbidrag”. You can claim 1245 kr per person for the course that’s held in two days and 1000 kr for the course thats held in one day. Read more about friskvårdsbidrag here.